Our Work

Fees (ex. 21% VAT)

Day rate: €1500
Plus per delivered photo: €25
Plus per kilometer (from The Hague, NL): €0,20
Plus any hotel costs throughout Europe

Why are photos so important

The first photos on Booking.com must be stunning. It will attract potential customers to your Booking profile and based on reviews and photos they will decide whether to stay at your business or not. It is a shame if potential clients scroll past your profile due to the unattractive photos. Professional photos can help you attract more clients and higher your rates.

Why you should choose us

Assuring you value added content. How do we do this? We have equipment of the highest standard in the industry. We have experience taking photos for various kind of clients. And when you are not satisfied with the result, we will refund you your money (except travel costs).

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